Chuck Liddell Fires Shots At Former Champion Jon Jones!

With UFC Interim Champion Jon Jones being pulled by the NSAC from UFC 200, every fighter has came out and spoke on the situation. Former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell spoke with MMAmania about the situation, check it out.

Chuck Liddell: “Don’t be crying, you know you took something,” Liddell told MMAMania on Friday. “Really? I mean, ‘Someone slipped it in my drink. It must’ve been one of the supplements I was taking.’ At this level you didn’t check the supplements you were taking and make sure they were cleared? I had my own supplements. I made sure they were cleared. I used to go make sure they were cleared by Nevada State Athletic Commission when I was fighting. I wasn’t taking anything that might jeopardize me getting in trouble for a fight. Crying? You chose to take something. You got caught. Are you crying because you got caught or are you crying because you feel bad? What? I don’t get it. He’s his own worst enemy. He can’t stay out of trouble.”

“I’ve seen quite a few guys down on the lower end that are very self destructive, but just don’t quite make it to where he made it,” he continued. “He made it to the top and imploded. Maybe he just couldn’t handle it. I don’t know. It’s just one of those things. He needs to reevaluate what he wants to do and either decide to start making the right choices and good choices and try to mount a comeback or just let it go and do something else.”

“It’s one of those things, if you are going to do it, if you are going to drug test, you should do it this way,” he said. “You should do whatever you can to catch everyone. You should deter people. If you want to clean up any sport, you need to do it in a way that makes it’s hard to not get caught and if you do get caught you need to punished them severely. You start losing two years and guys will think maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe it’s not worth trying to get that little extra boost or whatever it is you were trying to do. You get guys to actually think about it and make good choices. Think about consequences when you do something.”