Dominick Cruz Calls Out UFC Interim Champion Jose Aldo – “Lets Go!”



UFC Champion Dominick Cruz is looking for a money fight and if that means moving up in weight, so be it. Cruz spoke with ESPN‘s Five Rounds podcast on the subject. Check it out.


“I don’t care about that mother fucker at all, I beat that dude three years off the couch. He got me at 75 percent. So, the fact he thinks he beat me is nonsense. I don’t need to prove anything to that guy. I don’t really care about him. There are so many other fights that are extremely important.”


On fighting Conor McGregor or Jose Aldo:


“Who knows? McGregor could get hurt in this fight against Diaz. They’d need someone to fight for the interim title. I’m willing to fight for the interim title and bring two belts together. Why not? I would do that in a heartbeat. That’s a much more fun, much bigger fight than anything near TJ Dillashaw. Nobody cares about that guy. Or maybe Aldo gets hurt and I’ll fight Conor. Let’s go, you know what I mean? I can move up to 145 and be very competitive. I’m extremely hard to hit, I’m quick and I’ve fought at 45 before.

I’m down for it because bringing two belts together to consolidate into one, not only has it not been done, it’s tough. It’s a challenge. It’s a fun, interesting matchup. That’s what people want to see right now.”