Jorge Masvidal Gets SHAFTED By The UFC!



It seems like Every time UFC welterweight contender Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal is signed to fight a top ranked opponent, the opponent is pulled to face another bigger named fighter. Masvidal got the UFC’s shaft again last night when news broke that his scheduled opponent for the Mexico City card, Kelvin Gastelum was pulled and placed in a bout with the more popular Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 205. Being an independent contractor you would think he has some sort of case for recourse since contracts had already been signed but that’s not the case. Masvidal breaks down to MMAFighting the times this same situation has happened while fighting under the UFC Banner. Check it out.

Jorge Masvidal

“It’s really heart breaking, man, We both signed bout agreements. Joe Silva told me it was more than on its way, you know. And I just found out today that they’re putting Gastelum to fight ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. This is crazy, man, because this has happened to me three times. Like all the cases have been documented. Like me, my opponents, once I’ve signed, for some reason or another they get pulled out right before we get the match. So it breaks my heart, you know. I really wanted to put on a fight with a ranked guy.”


“I don’t know what reason they gave, but the real reason is that I’m not a big name. I don’t have a bunch of followers on Instagram or what not, you know what I’m saying. So I figured I wasn’t enough of a draw, counting the whole card of Mexico, as of being in New York. That’s the only thing I could think of, you know. It’s just politics a lot of the times. So whatever, I’m just hoping I can get the highest-ranked possible dude. I don’t want to fight no up-and-coming guy, no guy that’s 15-0 but hasn’t faced anybody yet. That’s not where I am in my career. I need to fight the best in the world, so that’s what I’m looking to do Nov. 5th, fight the best in the world. Johny Hendricks, He’s No. 6 in the world right now. I think it would be a great fight”


“I tried with Bobby Green, same thing happened with Ben Henderson, same exact thing. We both had signed the bout agreements and they pulled him. They pulled Ben from fighting me to fight Brandon Thatch, and when I was going to fight Bobby Green, they pulled him to fight Cowboybecause Eddie Alvarez was having trouble coming over from Bellator. Eddie ended up getting the green light from Bellator, and they did that fight, so I thought I would get back to the Bobby Green fight and I ended up fighting James Krause. So I haven’t been able to get my hand on a ranked guy at the right time, and it’s time to make that happen,”