Nate Diaz – “People Say You Need To Eat Meat To Be Strong, Bullsh*t”



In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, UFC superstar Nate Diaz explains how much of an important part his diet plays into his fight game. Check it out.


“If anything, meat’s gonna slow you down,”


“People are jumping on slowly but surely,” he admits, adding, “but I think it’s cool. I think you’re a smarter and more intelligent fighter. Me and my brother are at the top of the game and have been for a long time. We’re obviously doing something right. Besides knowing how to kick somebody in the head, you should know how to feel good tomorrow.”


“I stopped eating dairy when I was about 17 for a fight,” Diaz recalls. “And about a month went by that I didn’t eat cheese or milk, and then after the fight was done I got a big bowl of Fettucine Alfredo, and I was like, ‘Finally, I get to eat what I want.’ Then I went home and was sick and had a headache and was in and out of the bathroom for a week. That shit really messed me up. So after that cleared up, I was like, ‘OK, I don’t need that anymore.’ I felt better and realized I work better without that stuff.”
 “I like to promote the vegan industry,” “I hear a lot of criticism from people saying you need meat to be strong and for recovery, and it’s a bunch of bullshit, because I train harder than everybody. It’s so easy to argue with these people. I’m like, ‘Dude, have you done a tenth of what I’ve done?’