Nate Diaz – “Yo What’s Up MotherFu*ker! Let’s Get A Fight Poppin.”


UFC Superstar Nate Diaz sat down with Esquire Magazine recently for a lengthy interview. The topic came up about fighters marketing themselves and how to take the initiative to get what you want in this game. Check it out.

You’ve talked about being beyond the belts and wanting to focus on getting paid. Aside from money, what motivates you at this point? Would you ever be interested in titles again?


Yeah, but for now, none of the fighters with belts are doing anything for themselves, you know? Like, they don’t know how to act, they haven’t been in the game long enough, they don’t understand what’s what, they’re not making a show out of themselves

I just think fighters need to start making stars out of themselves, you know? Like what Conor [McGregor] is doing. Like, there’s somebody speaking up and doing what he says. I’ve been doing that for years, and I’ve been having no back up with it—they’re just trying to shut me down. But I finally see somebody doing it, and I’m like, “Alright, there’s a guy that we can do something with. We can make a show.”

No one’s doing anything; they’re just keeping their mouths shut and they’re like robots. Everybody’s the same person. Go out there and make a star out of yourself! People need to start speaking up and saying some shit, and if they want to fight, they should be yelling out names like, “What’s up? Let’s get a fight!” That’s what people want to see.

I laid out the blueprint of what should be happening right now. You tell everybody, “What?! That’s the motherfucker I want to fight, right there!” Nah, you don’t ask for a fight on social media, you get on television and scream it out, like, “Yo, what’s up motherfucker, let’s get a fight popping.” And you make a scene, and now we got a show on our hands.