Team Alpha Male’s Cody Garbrandt To Train With Team Jacksons – “I Was Just Up Front About It.”



It’s been an extremely rough year for Team Alpha Male. First their head coach Martin Kampmann leaves the team because of personal issues. Then the whole T.J Dillashaw fiasco with him leaving to join team elevation. Now the teams brightest prospect Cody Garbrandt has decided to spend most of his time training with Team Jackson Winklejon for his upcoming bout vs John Lineker.


The good thing here is that he will return to Team Alpha Male for a couple weeks in the middle of camp and Urijah Faber is ok with the situation. But remember, this is exactly how things started with Dillashaw splitting camps in Colorado and Sacramento. MMA Fighting interviewed Cody and he explained his reasoning behind the move.


“I’m going to go out there in January, probably do a few weeks there, come back here [Sacramento] for a few weeks, then go back again for a few weeks, go back and forth,” Garbrandt told MMAFighting.com. “I really like Brandon ‘Six Gun’ [Gibson]. His technique, his motivation, and his training…I believe in him, and he believes in me.”

“Me and Urijah, we’ve each spoken about this way before the whole T.J. situation went down,” Garbrandt said. “I was actually planning on going to Albuquerque way long ago, and then the T.J. situation happened, so it was just bad timing.

“I was just up front about it. I was like, ‘Hey, here’s what it is. It’s either me going out there and cross-training out there or me going out and moving out there.’ Urijah’s never told us he doesn’t want us to go out and do things like this. He wants us to get out and challenge ourselves. He’s an advocate for growing and learning as a martial artist.”

“In this sport, I believe it’s about not being comfortable,” Garbrandt said. “To get to those next levels, you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone. I believe that going and getting different looks will help me get better and better…With another nine weeks of training under the tutelage of Brandon and those guys, I’m very excited to come home – it’s basically a homecoming – and put on a performance of a lifetime.