The Irish Mafia Demands $900k For Assault Or “Conor McGregor is Dead!”


UFC two division champion Conor McGregor was involved in a mad brawl last night in Dublin, Ireland at a Night Club. According to reports, Conor and a well known Irish Gangster got into a shouting match that turned into a fist fight where the gangster ended up in the emergency room. According to local police, the Gangster will not be pressing charges but many eye witnesses pointed out the UFC fighter and he is wanted for questioning. According to our sources, Conor was on the first flight to California early this morning. One of Ireland’s biggest news publications have picked up the story. It turns out the man Conor assaulted is a well known Dublin Gangster and he and his crew are seeking retribution. Word ont the Dublin streets is that their demanding $900k or they will shoot Conor down. Check it out.