UFC On A Mission To Discredit New Champion Holly Holm Even Though She Passed Every Drug Test



This is pretty shameful of the UFC. Holly Holm was tested 4 times out of competition leading to this fight and on the night before and after the fight. She has yet to fail a test in her life. Immediately after her victory the UFC is putting out information trying to shame their own new champion claiming steroid abuse.


I have never in my days seen this type of shameful behavior before from the UFC. If someone hasn’t tested positive why are they going out of their way to tarnish their image? Is it just to sell a rematch? To help clear Ronda Rousey‘s shame?


Click to read the full article here that’s creating a steroid suspect out of Holly Holm.


A new UFC champion endorsing a company that has produced products banned by WADA may not be a violation of any law or regulation, but it sure isn’t a good look for Holm and her promoter. USA Today contacted a number of principles involved, including Landon Suggs, the CEO of Intel Pharma.

Suggs told USA Today that “his company stopped producing and selling the SARMs products no later than June — before the company started sponsoring Holm — and has issued a recall for such products.”

However, Suggs’ company still reportedly reposted the self-proclaimed “SARS Superstore” JAK Nutrition’s Facebook post congratulating Holm on its own Facebook page.

Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez, who also says he bet and won big in Las Vegas on his fighter beating Rousey, didn’t help matters in a statement given for the same report.

“The first question I asked [Intel Pharma] was how many of these products were banned, and they were up front about it,” Fresquez said.

“Holly didn’t really use them so it’s not a big deal.”

Then, he went on in a different direction saying, “I’m sure she didn’t use any of them. She might have taken a picture with one.”

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