VIDEO: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone Skips USADA Drug Test & Get’s Special Treatment From The UFC


With the new USADA PED testing program in full effect, UFC fighters are given an app on their phone and are required to updated it weekly with their whereabouts in order for them to implement proper testing procedures. Title contender Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was recently issued a test fail on the grounds of missing a test. He talked with Tait Fletcher on The “Pirate Life” Podcast and said “I was out of town, in Vegas.” USADA couldn’t reach him or get a rep to test him and since he didn’t update them that he would be out of town, he was issued a fail. Keep in mind that Cowboy has actually failed a test before.


Then Cowboy goes on to say that “The UFC is granting me permission to use IV’s” for his fight with Raphael Dos Anjos. This seems kind of suspect, now they are picking and choosing which guys they favor to be able to easily able to make the weight cut while everyone else has to struggle.

Watch the video below for a short clip of the segments mentioned above. Listen to the Full episode to hear the full scope of the conversation here: