Middleweight Melvin Manhoef Sends Another Heavyweight To The Emergency Room!

K1 kickboxing always had physically superior fighters who later moved on to MMA. However, not many fighters can put a man into a coma with one punch. In 2007 the K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 was held in Amsterdam, where Melvin Manhoef and Ruslan Karaev met fists to fists. The fight had a terrifying outcome as Manhoef put Karaev in a coma with one punch.


Fans showed interest in this fight because both fighters have great advantages. Melvin Manhoef is built like a rock and has an amazing strength while being fast too. Karaev, on the other hand, was 6 inches longer and outweighed Manhoef by 16kg. Comparing these advantages you would think that fight would be balanced and even matched.


However, the fight did not last long. The start of the fight did not go well for Karaev, he tried to pull off a Superman punch. Manhoef dodged the Superman punch and made sure that Karaev regrets his decision by knocking him on the ground.

Seconds later, Manhoef bursts into fury, throwing a right hook and then a left uppercut that knocks Karaev senseless. Manhoef’s uppercut hit Karaev in the jaw, immediately putting him in a coma.


Manhoef is truly a fighter with an amazing hand strength. We have all been hit to the head, but nothing compares to Manhoef’s uppercut, managing to bring down into a coma for almost 3 minutes