Renato Laranja Goes To Far & Nate Diaz Almost Beats That Ass.

Sometimes, in the world of MMA, it’s hard to tell whats just hype and whats real. In the video below you will understand that when you play games with one of the Diaz brothers, you’d better be prepared for something real.

Renato Laranja is a fictional character who’s extremely rude and arrogant, he claims to be a 27 time world champion and makes insanely disparaging remarks towards BJJ practitioners and MMA fighters.

The ultra-serious Nate Diaz had no idea who laranja was when they were  booked to work the World BJJ Expo together.

Now, none of this is known to the ultra-serious Nate Diaz and so when Laranja and he were booked at an Expo event earlier this year and Laranja started doing his Brazilian macho shtick and Diaz wasn’t having it.