VIDEO: Tim Kennedy ” I Would Be In Bellator if It Wasn’t For Horrible UFC Contract”

Tim Kennedy went on Submission radio yesterday and covered a range of interesting topics ranging from his reality TV show about catching war criminals, ISIS, Gun Control, Johnny Hendricks, Vitor Belfort and why the UFC can’t shut him up. Here’s a quote about the UFC wanting to shut him up concerning the Reebok Deal:
“What are you going to say to me? Like, if I say ‘hey, this how much I made in my last fight in sponsorship money. Here’s how much I made in my last Strikeforce fight with sponsorship money. He’s how much I made in a title fight in Strikeforce, and this is how much I’m gonna make now with the new Reebok deal’. Like, how can you argue that? Because obviously I’m not an idiot. I’m a good business man. I own a bunch of business. And then they’re like ‘oh Tim, you’re a liar’. I’d be like ‘oh, well tough luck dude. Here’s my income tax statement, and every one of my forms of income is listed and this fantastic quick book spreadsheet, that I’ll provide to the public’. Like, you can’t call bullshit on me, because everything I say is true, and then you’re just going to have pie in your face. So I’m kind of like a tough one. Like yeah, maybe he [Dana White] can call me and say ‘hey, we don’t appreciate those comments, could you tone it down a little bit?’. But you also know that I’m always going to speak my mind. Like, how are you gonna tell a guy that’s always gonna say what he thinks to be true, to shut up? ‘Cause that’s just not how he rolls. I don’t know. It’s a tough thing when you know you’ve got me on your roster.”