Vitor Belfort Leaves The Blackzillians Needs “More of A Family Team”



News broke this morning that former UFC Champion Vitor Belfort has decided to leave the Blackzillians training camp. He’s not the first high profile member to abandon this camp so it’s not all that surprising. He will now start his own team headed by Shotokan karate legend Vinicio Antony. Vinicio recently sat down with Sherdog.com and in an inteview explained why Belfort has made this decision so late in his career.

“Vitor called me saying that he wanted to make a different camp now,” Antony told Sherdog.com. “He left the Blackzilians and decided to make his own team, OTB, also in Boca Raton, Fla., and wanted to bring together more of a family team to build new energy in this new phase of his career. I could only stay for 20 days, but we used that time in the best way possible.”
“Vitor showed some holes in his game in the last fight [against Chris Weidman], so we started working on the basics of the gentile art and at the same time worked on the principles of karate, which are distance and timing,” said Antony, a jiu-jitsu black belt under Alliance MMA’s Alexandre Paiva. “We also did some tactical drills centered on Henderson’s game.”


“We’re preparing to run him over,” he said. “If everything goes right, we’ll see Henderson get run over by a truck again. Vitor is really focused, and we’re working on a strategy to fight an intelligent fight. When you fight Henderson, you’re concerned with his power. Of course, his overhand is dangerous, but he fought Lyoto [Machida] for three rounds and didn’t land one of them. If you fight him the right way, his strongest weapon can be easily neutralized. Vitor is a much more skilled fighter and has more weapons to win that fight.”

“When there’s a big team, there’s always a guy who wants to leave a mark or take a bite out of a renowned fighter,” he said. “Here at OTB, Belfort was joined by a very nice group of teammates, like Caio Griffin, Cassiano [Ricardo] ‘Tsytcho’ [Castanho de Freitas], Jordan Jones and some guys that normally help him, like Gilbert ‘Durinho’ [Burns], Tiago Silva and [Cesar] ‘Mutante’ [Ferreira]. We’re doing light sparring every day, but responsibly and in a great atmosphere.”

“Of course, his body needed some time to adapt without TRT, but I can say now that, through supplements and also the very nice work of a nutritionist, Vitor is totally adapted and is in great cardio and physical shape,” he said. “I can guarantee you that you’re going to see a new version of Belfort.”

“They normally train jiu-jitsu, wrestling and muay Thai,” Antony said. “Usually, most MMA fighters think karate is funny, like Jake Ellenberger said to Stephen Thompson before getting knocked out. By the way, that guy (Thompson) is the best current example of how well-executed karate is a great weapon for MMA. Vitor is a very intelligent guy. He realized how good karate can be for MMA, and we’re working on it.”