When being Jacked! Don’t mean Sh*t – Trash Talking Bully Gets Dealt With.


Street fights are usually very awkward. You will see a lot of trash talking, pushing, but no actual fighting at all. However, there are guys who go straight for the hit and do not think of the fight. This is the kind of guys who usually win, you strike first you are the last to stand.


A video from Boston, Massachusetts occurred where we will see what happens when a trash talker and a strike first guy fight.


The video starts with a man in a blue t-shirt talking trash at a man in a black t-shirt. Of course, the man in a blue t-shirt is much bigger and bulkier than the guy he is talking smack. We can see that the man in a black t-shirt is with not that good physical abilities, but he is not taking the trash talking lightly.


After hearing “wanna pop” for 10 seconds from the man in a blue t-shirt, we can see the man in a black t-shirt swinging his right hand. Apparently, black t-shirt guy was no weakling, he landed a heavy right on his opponent, landing him on the ground, back first.


At this point, the trash talker realized what he got into and starts losing consciousness. A friend helps him off the ground and tries to get him back into normality.


After being unconscious for 37 seconds, the trash talker finally gets up with help from his friend. The best part about this is when he stands up and the camera zooms in on him we can see his ‘beautiful’ face. Apparently, he got smacked that badly that his jaw got swollen.


At the end of the video, the trash talker finally gets a hold of himself. We can see him that he talks to the friend that helped him out. He probably explained to him that he is okay now. The guy in the black t-shirt disappears after he knocked down his opponent, he can be seen entering a house and saying “you got popped”.


Let this be a lesson to trash talking guys who think they can intimidate a man into leaving from the fight. You can be tough all you want, but when it comes to the actual fighting you have to back up your trash talking by winning the fight. If you do not have that ability, it is better for you to apologize to the man and just walk away.


As long as u trash talk and then be a disgrace of a man, there will be videos named “sweet, sweet revenge.”